Coaching: turning public sector professionals into influential leaders for the communities they serve.

You signed up for public service because you want to make a positive difference to your community and society at large.  You are a senior professional, respected for your subject matter expertise and high performance.  You excel at leading through others. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Chief executives are looking to people like you to step up into strategic leadership roles to restore local communities and the local economy and at the same time protect the planet.

Now is the time to realise your future.

Climate Coaching

We also offer specific one-to-one climate coaching for senior professionals grappling with their journey towards eco-centric leadership.

“Jeremy makes you think differently”

Stepping up requires a shift from leading through others to leading with others.  You need to show your executive team that you get it, you want it and you can do it.  This means that you understand what leading with others means, you can manage the organisational politics and that you use your influence to get things done.  I can help you learn how to manage the politics ethically and authentically and influence key decision-makers so that you are ready to step up and make more of a positive difference in the world.

“Jeremy's coaching reinforced for me how I could do even more for my team and the organisation; this was time well spent”

The leader you want to be is defined by the choices you make day-to-day.  I offer authentic, insightful and impactful one-to-one coaching that focuses on your key challenges, helps you make better choices and increases your potency as a leader.

I accept the leader you are now; I confront the challenges you face; I support you to be the leader you want to be.

“The executive team coaching helped a strategic culture to develop”

Does everyone in your team always pull in the same direction?

My approach to team coaching starts with how the team work together internally, exploring the tension between competition and collaboration, and then applies this learning to how the team will work externally with partners and customers, and what the team is aiming to achieve.

The result is a team where people work strategically to achieve a common goal, operate with a high degree of interdependence and share responsibility for collective performance.

“I found it very helpful to have a coach who listened, absorbed but ultimately enabled me to identify the key issues, and then who offered practical tools and ways of seeing into and addressing those issues.”

Dave Caulfield, Director of Regeneration and Development Services