Are you torn between wishing you had more control and yet wanting to let others in your team flourish and take more accountability?  The reality is the people you have hired are in control of the quality of the work they produce, not you.  My consulting approach helps you achieve the results you want without having to control the people around you.

“Jeremy brings valuable and thoughtful insight into team dynamics”

I hold regular conversations with you and your teams, so we can jointly understand the underlying reasons for your challenges and decide on the development work needed. 

These conversations represent an ongoing opportunity to stop for a moment and take stock of how well you are organised for success; to set, measure and adjust your approach to developing the business in a way that aligns with your vision, to develop the culture you seek and to agree actions that will make change stick and sustainably improve business performance.  We then jointly deliver and evaluate the outcomes. 

A key element of my approach is to build capability within your business so you can solve these problems for yourself in the future.

“I now know how to achieve better results by working collaboratively”

My consulting approach starts and ends with a clear focus on the change you seek. I then work with you to demonstrate how to achieve this change through collaboration.  We continually jointly evaluate progress against the outcomes and against how well the process of collaboration is working – how I work collaboratively with you and how well you collaborate within the business and with your business partners.  I help you embed practical techniques that focus leaders’ energy collectively into business growth and leave you with a more collaborative way of working. 

You can expect to generate a demonstrable return of at least 4x your investment.

“Jeremy has this ability to break down barriers between teams”

Do your people somehow find ways of reverting to the old ways of working, even when they are not effective?  There are three things you need to do to make change stick.  Firstly, you must be totally clear on what it is you want to change; then you must provide people the support they need to make the change; and finally, there must be consequences, both positive ones for making the change, and negative ones for resisting the change. 

I place huge emphasis on the quality of the relationships between people in your organisation.  What is an organisation if not several people trying to achieve something together?  Getting them to work together more effectively is the foundation of effective organisation.

“Working with Jeremy over the last few months has been a tremendous experience, and one that will have a lasting impact ...  He has both an excellent understanding of organisational development and the ability to translate this into practical tools and techniques that really help to improve leadership and management ability … pinpointing areas for development and working with us to develop strategies to help us drive real improvement within the team and organisation.”

James Henderson, Director of Policy and Partnerships